Conditions for the use of the WOUNDWO-B2B platform

The following conditions apply to the use of the WOUNDWO-B2B platform:

  • The WOUNDWO-B2B platform offers all users a free portal where documents such as catalogues, price lists, advertising material, manuals, technical drawings and image data can be viewed, downloaded and used. WOUNDWO grants the user the non-transferable, non-exclusive right, limited in time to the duration of the authorized use of the B2B platform, to use the contents retrievable on the B2B platform within the scope of the user's respective work, for the purpose of information, work and planning with products of WOUNDWO as is customary in the industry. 
  • This is subject to the condition that all provided documents will not be changed or supplemented under any circumstances, not even in any form, or treated confidentially and thus will not be passed on or made available to other parties without the consent of WOUNDWO.
  • The use requires a proper registration of a natural person. The user agrees to keep the user name and password secret and not to disclose or make them available to third parties. If there is reason to fear that a third party has obtained knowledge of the data or had access to it, the user must change the password immediately.
  • WOUNDWO is entitled to temporarily or permanently block access to the WOUNDWO-B2B platform.
  • Although the utmost care is taken to ensure that all content and documentation on the platform is complete, accurate and up-to-date, WOUNDWO assumes no liability for the content and documentation.
  • Text, photos, films, drawings, graphics and data may be subject to copyright protection and are either the property of WOUNDWO or are used by WOUNDWO as licensee.
  • Should the business relationship change or dissolve, all documents in your possession must be destroyed or deleted and may not be used again.
  • Should users violate the aforementioned agreement, WOUNDWO is forced to claim a no-fault contractual penalty of 500.00 Euro per calendar day. We expressly reserve the right to assert a claim for damages exceeding this amount as well as to initiate further legal steps.