AGREEMENT Transfer of rights of use of images

1. preliminary remark

The present agreement regulates the conditions under which sales partners and customers (hereinafter referred to as "partners") may use the word and figurative mark "WOUNDWO" as well as the associated products of WOUNDWO, for example pictures, illustrations, drawings, product descriptions (hereinafter referred to as "content"). In particular, regulations on the transfer of the rights of use by WOUNDWO are made.

2 Transfer of rights

2.1 WOUNDWO always revocably transfers to the partner the simple rights of use, limited in content, time and space to the respective purpose, to the contents identified below.

2.2 The transfer of use takes place exclusively for use as advertising for and information about WOUNDWO and its products as well as a reference to an existing cooperation. Any use beyond this as well as the transfer to third parties requires the express prior written consent of WOUNDWO.

2.3 The transfer of use extends exclusively to the


2.4 The transfer of use shall be limited to the

- publication in print media

- publication on the partner's Internet pages

2.5 The Partner is expressly prohibited from editing the contents made available to him for use in the course of this agreement, i.e. from editing or redesigning (e.g. montage, phototechnical alteration, colouring) or changing the contents using analogue, digital or other image processing methods.

2.6 Image data (photos) used shall be marked with the © WO&WO Sunlightdesign.

3. assurances

3.1 WOUNDWO warrants to the partner that it is entitled to transfer the rights of use to be granted under this agreement (trademark ownership / image rights).

3.2 The partner guarantees that the contents provided to him in the course of this agreement will not be used in such a way that consumer rights, trademark rights, the right to privacy, publicity rights or other rights of third parties are violated or could offend third parties or bring them into disrepute.

3.3 If a claim is made against WOUNDWO as a result of a breach of the partner's obligations, in particular with regard to breaches of consumer rights, privacy rights, property rights or industrial property rights by third parties, the partner will indemnify WOUNDWO against any liability and any costs, including any costs of proceedings.

3.4 WOUNDWO accepts no liability which should result from the partner's use of the content provided in breach of contract.

4 Duration of the transfer of rights

4.1 The transfer of the content for use within the scope of this agreement is - unless the contrary results from the purpose - unlimited and can be revoked by WOUNDWO at any time. Revocation occurs in particular if the business relationship is terminated or the partner violates provisions of this agreement.

4.2 In the event of termination or revocation, the relevant materials containing this relevant information must be surrendered or irreversibly removed or deleted or destroyed. This must also be confirmed to WOUNDWO in writing.

5. final provisions

5.1 By signing, I confirm that I have taken note of WOUNDWO's data protection information, in which I have been informed in particular about the purposes of the processing of my personal data (fulfilment of the contract) and its necessity, the legal basis of the purposes, about any recipients, about the storage period and my rights as a data subject, including the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority.

5.2 Should individual provisions of this contract be or become legally invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the entire contract. They shall then be interpreted in good faith or supplemented or replaced by the statutory provisions. Amendments to the contract must be made in writing. This also applies to the amendment of the written form clause.